EDU Social Enterprise is the business of Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University running by faculty, students and executive committees to earn income for the Faculty’s affairs. In addition, it has been established for making headway with the society by focusing on the innovative products, instruction media, educational products, academic service, and etc. The enterprise has been adapted the idea from Chulalongkorn University policy which aims to be the innovative university under CU Innovation Hub concept.

CoModule: Assembling structured toy for inspiring early childhood

Portfolio details

The CoModule is a fun toy for pre-school children. It could mobile and be transformed into a variety of vehicles with a taper lock system connecting to each parts of the toy. Furthermore, the children can freely draw with chalk to the CoModule according to their imagination for providing a pretend play learning experience to preschool children by creating a dynamic classroom atmosphere to inspire young preschooler learners.

Technology / Process

Taper lock connection dimension was created by analyzing the tolerance. After finishing, the toy was designed by using MDF material, creating a design condition in which the disassembly of the parts can be reversed when the assembly prototype test is created. After that, the creator planned the production by using a CNC Router to cut the workpiece on the MDF with the least amount of scrap.


For early child, they would play as the toys that can adapt to various ride-on-toy patterns. Not only the amusement the children would take after playing, but also social interaction process, creative idea as well as empathy. They could share and play together with their friends in a real life simulation society which could improve their quality of life in many aspects. With the innovative design and Router CNC technology, the CoModule is an on demanding product in early childhood toy market. Router CNC helps decreasing the cost of production, therefore we could sale the product in lower price compared to other products, In addition, produced process of the CoModule was not complicated suiting for domestic toy industry and exporting.

FARMILY: Idea Development Board Game under Sufficiency Economy Concept

FARMILY or a Sufficiency Economy philosophy developing skill board game was invented by students and teachers of department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University. FARMILY is a part of 2718333 Innovations in Teaching at the Elementary Education Level subject taught in second semester as of academic year 2016 by Asst.Prof. Charinee Triwaranyu.


This created toy is the educational board game which can apply in classroom for interesting and efficient instruction. The common purpose of FARMILY is to promote analytical thinking process skills, systematic thinking and planning. Moreover, FARMILY still helps implanting in virtue of Sufficiency Economy notion for the players or learners. It can change the old learning stressed recitation to be the practical application of knowledge in daily life.

Skills gained by playing

•    Developing Sufficiency Economy skill
•    Developing children’s brain and creativity
•    Reinforcing mathematic skill, calculation and land management
•    Promoting analytical thinking process skills and developing 21st  century essential learning skills